We know our clients by name, not by their account number


We customize internet plans specifically for your residence or business based on how you use the internet. This ensures that you are able to stream your favorite movies and shows, game online without lag or disconnections, and have crystal clear video conferencing and VoIP calls. We pride ourselves on our customer support and strive to ensure that every single one of our clients feels well taken care of and is 100% happy with their service. Welcome to a new, upgraded internet – one that actually cares about its customers.

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Superior Support

Headquartered in Novato with In-House Sales, Installation Crews and Technical Support.

Customer service and support takes on a whole new meaning when you live and work with the customers you serve. We feel an extra level of responsibility to provide a great product and even better customer service. When you need to call us you will get a tech that is familiar with your setup that will assist you until you are satisfied.

Blazing Fast Speeds

Stream your favorite movies and shows. Game online. No lag, No limits, No disconnects.

We offer our clients guaranteed speeds. Meaning that you will enjoy crystal clear video conferencing and VoIP calls no matter what time of day it is. We do not share you bandwidth with your neighbors like our competitors do. You will always have blazing fast speeds even during peak hours when everyone is online.

Always Reliable

We believe that the Internet should be as reliable as the air we breathe.

We mean it when we say your internet must be as dependable as the air you breathe, which is why we back our services with a 99.99% up-time guarantee. We have redundancy built into every part of our network, from our backbone connections, to our tower sites, to powering everything in case of a PG&E outage.


No Data Caps, No Data Limits, No Throttling, No Overage Charges, No Rental Fees.

Download or upload at your maximum rates 24/7! Never worry about getting throttled to dialup speeds or getting hit with large overage charges again. WebPerception’s internet is unlimited and uncapped. No matter how we deliver internet to your address, we’ll run the connection at its maximum possible speed.

No Hidden Charges

We have no hidden or additional charges no matter how much you use your connection.

This means that if you sign up for a plan with us for $89.95 per month, you actually pay $89.95. Our billing is one line, simple and easy to read billing. We have no promo periods meaning that we do not raise your rates after 6 months or a year. What you sign up for is what you pay as long as you are a customer.

One-Stop Shop

WebPerception wants to be your one stop shop for all your tech and network related issues.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your tech related services managed by one company that would have insight into every nook and cranny of your network from a bird’s eye view? No more pointing fingers, no more wasted time with different tech support companies that pass you from queue to queue. We have you covered

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