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Powerful security and camera systems has become a staple in our business. In today’s world security and peace of mind is becoming more and more of a necessity. We all have to much going on to be spending time worrying about our home, business or property. WebPerception has installed hundreds of cameras for our clients and they could not be happier. Not only are we replacing systems that are limited in capability and have poor picture quality, but we are doing it at a fraction of the cost when compared to other comparable solutions out there. All is this is backed by our superior support and remote management software. Check out the capabilities and other options below and then give us a call to discuss your project. We handle the smallest of jobs all the way up to enterprise level installations.

Types of cameras – when it comes to cameras there are a lot of different types and flavors to choose from. When you get started with us on a project we will come do an extensive walkthrough and pick and choose the best equipment for your specific project. Solar powered cameras, cameras that work especially well in at night or in dark areas, two-way talk, whatever your specific use case calls for, we will be able to make it happen. We will also design and gage storage needs to ensure that the system is large enough to handle all of your needs.

Usability and management of our systems are designed to be easy to use and just work. When you need to access footage you can rest assured it will be there and will be easy to access – viewable in crystal clear quality with choices of 1080p or 4k resolution at a high frame rate. With motion detection, various alert settings and a ton of other features to choose to use, the system that implement will have you covered.

Scalability and cost are some key factors when putting together your system. We have solutions for small home installations all the way up to large corporate buildings that require a very large amount of cameras to cover every nook and cranny. All of our solutions are built with scalability in mind and as you grow or need more cameras the system will be setup and able to handle the additional load. On top of this, our systems use on-site storage solutions to reduce your overall spend – no more high monthly recurring bills that you have to pay for cloud storage. If you want to use cloud storage instead of on-site hosting, we can set that up for you as well!

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Security cameras and systems are becoming more and more of a necessity in today’s world. Getting protected now could save you hassle, grief and money down the road. Give us a call today at 415.892.7711 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you just as soon as we can to discuss your project in detail and set up a time for a site visit. 

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